Atwater, California
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There was a time when we had control over our whitepages account information, and the amount of information displayed to the public. Apparently whitepages decided to removed that feature.

That was the whole reason I created an account in the first place. Now whitepages does whatever they want with your information, and you have NO control over it anymore. I been trying to opt out, and have been following the instructions, but I am unable to erase my personal information online. When I click on my name, a premium whitepages url pops up, which gives a stranger more access to my information if they pay some money.

When I copy and paste that link, I get an error code. The customer service number is a joke. I can never reach a live agent. I have emailed customer service requesting to please remove my listing, and even said my safety is at stake!

They don't seem to care at all. A week has gone by, and my information is still up. This just makes it so easy for stalkers, crazy exes, rapists, serial killers to find their victims! You have absolutely NO privacy nowadays.

Stalkers not only have access to your new address, but they can also see a satellite image of your house, and your vehicle parked in your driveway. Why don't they just tell the public where I work, and what my work hours are as well. Maybe even thrown in my bank account info so they can make more money!

I'm sure whitepages would love that!

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Account.

Reason of review: No live agent for whitepages website.

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