Tavernier, Florida
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I have requested the removal of my information from whitepages.com on four separate occasions now, as well as having my lawyer submit a formal request over two months ago. Whitepages.com's negligence in broadcasting false or erroneous criminal history is libelous and defamatory.

Under my listing, they have several traffic tickets and charges listed multiple times and presented as separate charges. They are then counted individually in the total traffic/criminal history tally that is used at the time of purchase. It is my belief that this is done to push that number higher, understanding that the more charges someone has against them, the more likely people are to pay to view the report.

In addition, they have criminal charges that do not pertain to me whatsoever listed as and that I have never been charged with.

They have charges that don't even exist like, "Dept. of Corrections" "charge with no information." They have crimes listed as felonies that are misdemeanors. They have traffic citations listed as criminal that are only citations. They have cases listed as pending that have been closed for over a decade.

They have me charged with crimes I was never charged with, convicted of crimes I was never convicted of. They have dates wrong, cases wrong, charges wrong, case numbers wrong. And, as if all of that wasn't bad enough, They have me listed as a convicted felon. Convicted of numerous felonies, and I have never been convicted of any felony EVER.

In fact, out of traffic related incidents the worst thing on my record, is a fight and a noise violation. I have not had anyone respond to any of my requests submitted on the site, by email or by lawyer. I have already filed official complaints with the FTC. And, I demanded that someone respond and remove this defamatory listing or I would be pursuing action by the Washington State Attorney's office and the US District Attorney's office.

This is fraud and I have no doubt that it is in fact, purposefully erroneous to increase sales. With the shear number and magnitude of errors on my listing alone, there can be no doubt that there are plenty of other listings with such serious false allegations.

It only takes 30 people with a legitimate legal complaint to file a class action lawsuit. I'm no fortune teller, but something tells me there is one in coming in the very near future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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