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I am being driven out of my mind with bill collector calls for the former owner of my #. It would be one thing if my name showed up in search engines after typing the #.

No one should not have to be fending off a stranger's bill collectors!

At this point I would be willing to take White Pages to court since they are the ones facilitating the violation of the no call list as much as any of these scammers or bill collectors.

I hope others feel the same way and take action against them too. It is just too much!

Reason of review: White Pages fault that strange Collectors are calling me.

Monetary Loss: $360.

  • Whitepages Wrong Information
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I get repeated bill and taxes called from the previous number holder. It drives me crazy.

It's been 5 yrs and I have asked several times. I pay for a non published phone number and my number is up for all to see. And my number is also still up after 5 yrs w the old number holders name. This is bull.

Take my number off Roderick and robin bishops site. !!!!!

I am seeking legal action!!! Bill collectors tell me they get the bishops number from this site!!!!