Bend, Oregon
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I signed up for the $1 five day trial membership and cancelled it the same day. Today I was charged $19.99 for a premium membership. Total scam and no phone number to call.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Customer Care.

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Wow , please view this. That is where they live right now.

The crime rate is very high. Lucky, we live far away from this high crime rate. whew


Negative people can drain you. They can actually make you sick.

Negative people love bringing people down. They want other people to be miserable because they are.


D needs to see her doctor.


I find it funny how crazy people can't keep their stories straight. First she accuses me of having sex with her boyfriend in 2014.

Then in the next breath she states I have not had sex in 20 years.

Crazy crazy crazy person. She' s very mixed up unstable woman.