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Update by user Feb 12, 2017

I called to request my own personal file be deleted because it was all inaccurate and even listed me as having a judgment for unlawful entry, completely false. This could prevent me from obtaining housing or employment.

They directed me back to an email, that never go sent, so I had to call back. No one speak decent English, and it turned out it was sent to the wrong email because she couldn't understand me. Got the email, the directions sent me back to the website where the link I was supposed to click was nonexistent. Called back and a snotty supervisor just kept repeating I had to follow the directions in the email, and refused to just delete the account, or even walk me through it.

She wouldn't believe me that the link was not there for me to complete the action on my own.

By the way, the white pages instagram and white pages pinterest pages you made me list above have absolutely nothing to do with this complaint as I had not visited those pages, and did not even see them at

I had to go out and search for them or was unable to sumbit this complaint. What's up with that?

Original review posted by user Feb 11, 2017

I am the victim of identity theft and in doing everything I can to help myself, did a reverse look up on a phone I'd not had for seven years, and which was used by the person who stole my identity to get credit cards, and was horrified to find the number still listed in my name. When I spoke to the phone company the number has not been in my, or anyone else's name since I disconnected it.

The report also listed an email address I haven't had for 15 years and family members I've never heard of. Worse, the report went on to say a judgment had been entered against for breaking and entering. I have never in my life had a police record, or done anything to break the law. I was mortified and called only to get a snotty girl who spoke poor English and said she would email me a link to request the information be removed.

She never did. At best, they are charging $29.95/month for a bunch of incorrect, made up, information. That in itself is unethical, but to put out false information about criminal activity can ruin a person life and reputation, causing them to lose an opportunity for a job, or credit, etc.

This is unconscionable. I will be speaking to an attorney.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Whitepages Cons: Information obtained was wildly inaccurate and defaming, After one search i was blocked from additional searches, Customer service was awful, These people are the worst kind of crooks.

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If that attorney is knowledgable, s(he) will explain that phone numbers have little to do with identity theft. You need to put a credit freeze on all three credit reports immediately. Please send $5000 attorney fee to your favorite charity.


I realize the phone number in itself was not the cause of the identity theft, and if you read my post, I never said it was, but since the same old phone number was used on three separate credit applications, it was a common piece of information used to victimize me. Since I cannot get the local police, FBI, FTC, or the Attorney General in my state to help me, I began doing everything I could to help myself.

I looked myself up to see what others can see about me. I don't know if someone has criminal activity listed in my name, used my medical information, obtained housing, etc. I'm aware of credit cards because they show up on, but other activity does not. I was mortified to see this judgment.

It is irresponsible at best, and libelous and defaming at worst, to put such false and damaging information out there about total strangers, then charge others for that information.

The supervisor told me they don't validate anything, and put a disclaimer that it may not be true. There is nothing right about that.