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They now operate several other sites that show your phone number and other personal, private information which was never public in the first place. The sites and are part of their scheme.

They claim you can opt out: only if you give them more personal information and create an account on their worthless site. They don't actually remove anything though. If your info is removed, it is replaced within 3 weeks. They will also put incorrect information alongside your name to make it seem like it is worth purchasing a report about you.

Do a search for yourself on their site and google. You will see. They have refused to stop playing this game with people's safety. Don't bother calling or emailing.

If you email they will write back with their copy and pasted response about how great the internet is and how your phone number is somehow public record according to them. They don't attend to their inbox. If you call, they still won't help you. You have to press the buttons for whitepages pro and then accounts if you actually want to speak to someone.

You may reach a loser named O'Brian. He will tell you he is going to resolve your complaint, refuse to get you to a supervisor and conduct business as usual at their pathetic company. They do these things to make money. Your privacy is the last thing they care about.

They are located in Washington state. File a complaint here and stop them once and for all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Whitepages Cons: Illegal, Scam, Customer service, Privacy invasion.

  • privacy risks
  • illegal
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