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I want my profile removed immediately from Whitepages. I followed the directions and submitted tickets. See below: WHY IS IT STILL THERE?

We believe we've answered your question (# 229658)). If you have any further questions or were instructed to provide more information, please reply back and it will re-open your ticket

Caoimhe (Whitepages) Nov 16, 2:45 PM

Hi Jr535,

Per your request, we have removed this information from our websites and it will take effect immediately.

Whitepages strives to use data for good and to give each individual a real identity in the digital age. We get our information for people search results from a broad variety of publicly available information sources and third party data suppliers. For a description of our information sources, please visit our Help section. It is possible for new information to be added in the future, so we encourage you to visit our website periodically.

Thank you for contacting Whitepages.

Best Regards,



Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: REMOVE MY PROFILE.

Whitepages Cons: Not able to remove my info from whitepages.

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