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I think it might fall under "collecting personally identifiable information for commercial purposes" and " companies violated their own policies"-they state that you can request removal your information from the directory, yet they made it practically impossible. It looks like you can, but when you start following steps they recommend you end up with "invalid"URL message for example.

This is done intentionally. They change it often to confuse people in a hope they will give up. THIS IS CLEARLY DECEPTIVE. This also may to apply: unfair misuse of personal information where the practice (a) inflicts substantial harm on consumers that they cannot reasonably avoid and (b) does not offer offsetting benefits to consumers or competition.

(The Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. § 41, et seq.) "Personally-identifiable information" more clearly attaches the distinction that the information must identify a particular, unique person to invoke certain legal responsibilities.

Deceptive or unfair practices can result in legal consequences. Having a policy posted can add credibility to your site but it will keep you out of legal hot water only if you uphold its promises.

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so how do we start a class action? The information they provide about me puts me at risk of my abusive ex-husband finding me.


I followed the steps to optout of whitepages premium, which is a giant pain in the butt as you have to send them something in writing via POSTAL MAIL. The information they request is a printout of the listing to be removed as well as a photo copy of your driver's license (photo and ID number crossed out). I sent them this info 2 months ago,via certified mail so I'd know if someone actually rec'd it, and my information is still listed on their site!!!