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I am a psychologist who sees violent patients. I have asked to take down my personal information 6 times.

They finally took down their listing, but they left up links from their "sponsors." Those links continue to contain my name and other personal information that could be dangerous for my patients to see. I have contacted the "sponsors," and even though they have removed the information from their pages, the links with my name and personal information remain on whitepages. Whitepages refuses to take any action, give me a number to call, or forward my email to a supervisor.

I am going to sue them, but this will take me time and money that I shouldn't have to spend, and my personal information will remain up all that time. should be put out of business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Remove ALL information about me from your site - including links from your sponsors with my personal information..

Whitepages Cons: Unethical, Privacy violation, Terrible customer service, I am suing them.

  • Whitepages Unethical
  • Privacy Violation
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