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I am not pleased to find that they show in their reporting that I have 13 criminal reporting, when I have never had any, They have me connected to people that I have no idea who they are. How do I stop this?

This in itself I feel is criminal and damaging to people. Why are they not accountable for their false reporting and to share this information with the public just to get money. The only way I knew this information existed was through a search my 11 was doing for a school project.

He began asking me questions in reference of this. I assured him many of these reporting were false; in return he kept asking questions because my demeanor had changed after find this information disturbing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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@Boring Doris

RipOff Report is scam. BBB Rating Rate F 49 complaint(s) filed against business Failure to respond to 48 complaint(s) filed against b… 1 complaint(s) filed against business that were not res… More Reasons for BBB Rating


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