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This site is a violation of peoples' rights. They take and use your personal information without your knowledge.

Then they claim it's a matter of public record. But just because someone's information is "public record", it does not give permission to post it on the Internet. Most people don't even know their names and relatives and age, etc., are on here, unless they find it by chance. Tried to remove my information from the site and it was almost impossible.

Never gave permission for them to publish anything. Called the number listed on the Internet and could not speak with the real person.

Just awful!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Reason of review: Violation of privacy.

  • Whitepages Unethical
  • Privacy Violation
  • Victim
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I have never used white pages, and found my past 3 addresses on file with them. This is a definite violation of privacy and unsafe for anyone who has previously had stalking or safety issues. It astounds me that there is no lawsuit against them.


Up until October of this year my name and address and information was nowhere on the internet. I was always proactive in preventing this.

I tried to apply for a job at Petco and made many phone calls to the "human resources" manager. I finally reached her and she told me that they only consider hiring people who sign up online and she was adamant. I found this strange. The only reason I called her on phone was to apply in person because I did not trust applying online.

Out of desperation I signed up online on their "My Account" page which asked a bunch of intrusive questions from me that took perhaps around 30 minutes to complete. After this painful and exploitative process I was never hired anyways. I found out shortly thereafter after looking myself up online due to nagging suspicions that Petco might have sold my personal information to some intrusive 'people search' website that my personal information including my home address and a map associated with my house were on whitepages. I was also connected to my relatives.

I tried to follow the website's instructions to remove my data but I couldn't since they charge money. I contacted them to point out my distress and that they are using my private information. I was then sent an email by a whitepages employee with links to instructions to remove personal data but those links did not work and I already know that 'whitepages' charges money to remove data. I then replied with a cease and desist order and gave them a deadline by which to remove all my data.

I am seriously considering suing 'whitepages' for massive damages and I will represent myself in court.

I am not afraid to litigate. This will happen if they refuse to comply with my emphatic cease and desist request that I sent them.


I stopped using White Pages years ago. The best way to punish them is to not use them. I also do not answer the phone if I do not recognize the number.


I have the same awful experience. whitepages is scammer! Stay away