Boston, Massachusetts
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Have been trying to remove the listing from there web site - not even sure why they decide they can post peoples addresses and phone numbers without their concent. Got a reply from the Customer Support that if I reply with the link it will be removed.

I replied 4 times in the past month, and not even heard back from anyone ever again.

I'm very frustrated at this point, when I call their phone number - it said they decided to not help customers over the phone any longer so that they can focus on web claims. Well, they are not focusing on any. Not even a reply?!

I guess, I should bring them to court to remove my name from their web site? That's just purely ridiculous.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have been trying for months to remove my name. I am now getting harassed by mail, and I fear for my life.

White pages seems like a sleazy outfit. You can't get through to a live person when you call their 'corporate' number. We should file a class-action suit.

I will find out how to do it. It will be easier than having our names removed.

If anyone has succeeded in having their name and information removed, please share with us.