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Details posted could only come from a hacked site. I have asked to have it removed, so I went to their opt out page.

The first few tries of copying the web info did not work. Finally it told me it would remove the page in 24hrs. Again I went to to site, saw it again, tried again to request it's removal and it tells me it does not exist. It does, how else could I see it.

Again I went to the page, followed the instructions, and this time it just says it doesn't exist. This info has subjected me to harassment, which is why I don't do any "social networking".

Other sites have removed info which has some how found it's way there. This site needs to follow their lead.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi there.Let me tell you EXACTLY what happened. A scammer often uses a text/free call app from Google Play store.

THEN...after calling..disconnects...can do 200x day if they want. It's awful..and needs to be banned.NOW THAT..MY FRIEND...IS HOW IT DOESNT EXIST BC IN THEIR SYSTEM..THEY GOT IT...CALLED...DROPPED IT...B4 YOU HAD A CHANCE.

EVEN THEN IT WILL POINT OUT A NAME OR BUSINESS..OFTEN RELATING TO ONE OF YOUR ERRANDS OF THE WEEK...TO TRICK U..SOUND FAMILIAR?I know....bc they did it to me. Netspend caught it when the person attempted to make a $79 purchase at a place I NEVER HEARD OF....and unusual for me in Netspend's System.I just got me and my son out of homelessness...and while going to withdraw money off my debit, it was declining after a couple tries.NO WAY....IT EVEN SHOWED I HAD MORE THAN ENOUGH TO PAY RENT....STILL THERE!They caught the attempt to use it after it was declined from use from a place no where NEAR ME..LIKE...CUBA.

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