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I've been a victim of Domestic, and identity theft as a form of ongoing abuse by an acquaintance of my ex spouse. I went through so much and with the help of a shelter, I was able to obtain a new identity, and start my life over.

Or so I thought. A relative of mine alerted me to White Pages, where my old ID and new are now linked, and they have outed my location. They have breached my human rights and put me in grave danger and there is no way to reach a human at their corporate offices to OPT OUT. The customer service number is a recording that directs you to the website where I had to SIGN UP to OPT OUT and then couldn't opt out with the URL that clearly shows my information on the web!

So now, I'm linked with my NEW email/name. Brilliant!

This company is taking no responsibility for their actions. They ignore their customers and will not answer their customer service line!

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Website.

Reason of review: Victim of Abuse - outed and put in danger by your company!.

Whitepages Cons: Linked me with strangers as family members, Outs victims of domestic violence to their abuser.

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