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This company is a scam.They took advantage of me while I was out of state and had a death in our family. I was trying to find my dad's oldest sister and apparently signed up and/ or didn't cancel on time.

When I realized in December 2016 I was being charged I called and explained and was told it would be cancelled and refunded. They were courteous. I thought it was the end of it. Recently, in a review of my finances and checking account while applying for a mortgage, my credit union alerted me that I'd had SIX MONTHS of charges.

SIX MONTHS of $29.95 for a service I didn't want and cancelled- or was told it was. Now I call and was told that I signed up and it's all valid. I pressed and the representive blamed me and said well, we send a cancellation email and if you don't have one, you must not have called and it's not cancelled. After disputing this repeatedly, she agreed to cancel and credit back two of the six months.

I did not want that but I accepted it, and received my cancellation emails. So what did I get in return? The very next day, I had two months of credit and ANOTHER $29.95 charge. A SEVENTH month charged.

I called and another rep said well, you ordered this 10/3/16 so your May payment had already been processed. I tried to explain that the rep never mentioned that at all and I was continually blamed. I was told they creditors me two months, April and May. I said look, I would not have agreed to another charge, that is absolutely wrong and riduculous, to be honest.

Their CSR continued to spin his 'we can verify your IP address when you signed up'. I was appalled. I should not have to explain again and the rep basically blamed me for the fact that THEIR company doesn't show I called. I'm filing an official complaint with my credit union and they are going to pursue this as fraud.

I'm also calling an attorney and have complained on their website. I'll be reporting them to everything I can. I explained I don't even have a home phone and I know how to look up phone numbers for free, I did it for my job in a hospital billing office for YEARS!!

I would NEVER pay $30 per month to search for a phone number. This is how they make their $, prey on people, count on them to make a mistake, blame them for their mistake and then make it as difficult as possible to cancel, all the while continuing to withdrawal the payment out of my bank.I'm going to change my account number I've always had and I'm livid that it has come to this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Premium Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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