San Juan Capistrano, California
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I went to to look for a friend's phone number and address. I ended up on their pay site. I entered my credit card and purchased the contact information for my buddy. I was fine paying for it. My credit card statement came and the charge was there from peoplesmart or something like that.

Now a month later I get my next credit card statement and there's an additional charge for about $40 on my credit card! took my credit card, charged it and then charged it again without my consent.

This company is a fraud - my advice stay way, far away.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I am sorry that there was some confusion on our website. is a free website and does not accept credit card information. In addition to the results that are available for free, we also offer search results through sponsored links (PeopleSmart). These results are not provided or controlled by WhitePages. A good way to think about “sponsored links” is that these results are like search engine (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing) results. When you search through a search engine, the results are not provided or controlled by the search engine, the information is from other companies. Our “sponsored links” are exactly like that.

I apologize for any confusion about search results and “sponsored links” on WhitePages. Keep an eye out for the word “sponsored” to determine if the information is coming from us or through an advertisement.

Best Regards,

Keli Welch

@Keli Welch has NEVER respond to the requests made directly on their website. Many of's victims have to spend lots of time and energy to get help from a third party or third parties to get to act responsibly.

Email contacts to only get an meaningless automated response promising a response within 5 business days. That never happens!

This is a bogus company that has the arrogance that would sink it in deep disgrace. People should and must start a class action against this company to stop more people becoming victims of this evil company!