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I did a search of myself and started opting out of sites. Due to privacy and safety reasons and the nature of my career, there is no reason my home address needs to be public information on a search browser, I tried all evening with their captcha codes.

Most all start with or have either O's or zeros, cannot tell which, and tried lower case and caps. But could never get one right. Even told me to wait an hour, so I came back, still failed at all of them. I am furious that I cannot opt out.

I cannot even send them an email for the same reason. I am going to file a big complaint here in California over the inability to opt out.

What a disgrace.

Reason of review: Violated.

Preferred solution: I want this company to honor an opt out policy and make it possible for people to opt out of spreading sensitive information such as home addresses..

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They are low. They scrape info on you and try to justify PUBLISHING personal data by saying it is available if you dig.

Well l do not run around with my name, age, address plastered on my clothing. There is still something called dignity and privacy. They do not respect that .

In fact they make it hard to remove your info. We need class action.


I have been trying for two months to opt out of white pages. After filling out their opt out form with my profile copied and pasted, i get a four digit code and a request for inputting my cell number.

In a minute or so i get an automated call and they are asking me to press 1 or 2, which i have tried to input both on multople occasions, it just leads to me becoming disconnected. Who can be notified of this illegal publishing of my private info against my will?


Someone needs to start that partition ASAP!!! THIS SITE IS BULL!


I agree, there’s absolutely no way to opt out of whitepages and their online form doesn’t work which means whitepages is pretending to obey FTC rules while profiting off the dispersion of our public information. What a scam and absolutely disgraceful as corporate America stomps all over the protection laws we supposedly have. Civil suits are needed to change the misuse of our info considering there are no consequences for companies like whitepages.

Canon City, Colorado, United States #1258025

Let me know what you find out, as any other sites, they took care of my profile for free, one should not need to pay a membership fee to opt out, they say copy link and it will remove your profile, is a lie, unless you pay for an account.

Let me know if you have any success, if not, I'm planning to do a Facebook account and partition and varies other places and may succeed in closing that website, has been done before, can be done again.

to Anonymous #1407163

Have you started a partition? Because I know about 100 people that will gladly join!!!!!

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