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Update by user Oct 01, 2018

Whitepages has removed my information.

Original review posted by user Sep 01, 2018

I found all of my Personal And Private information For Sale To The Public on whitepages website. On the website it gives a link with instructions on how to opt out of having my information displayed which I clicked on to have my information removed. However, white pages was very dishonest in what they did next. Instead of removing the information, they simply changed the classification of the information from a regular acct with an opt out link to a

'premium' account (now more prominently displayed at the very top of their site and highlighted) with the opt out link being removed so that I could no longer opt out of having my information displayed.

My information being so publicly displayed as exposed me to identity theft. Someone used one of the addresses displayed on this site to file taxes in my name.

I am related to law enforcement and they have listed my familial connections to law enforcement placing me in danger. ALL of my personal private and sensitive information is prominently displayed for all to see and buy for a price. They are enabling further identity theft. I have fraud alerts all over my credit files because my information has been used fraudulently.

Whitepages falsely claims it is not subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All of the online data companies claim this. But a recent court case stated otherwise. It can be sued for putting out to the public erroneous information which causes financial harm to people. Or in my case physical harm.

So now I am forced to file complaints against this company for it's dishonestly and unethical behavior. They simply want to make a dollar. They don't care about the financial or physical harm this can cause me.

I want my information completely removed from whitepages. Not simply reclassified under a 'Premium' Account. It's dishonest and unethical for whitepages to assert to the public that we can 'opt out' of our information displayed and then when we choose to do so they simply reclassify the information under a premium account and remove the opt out link.

(By the way I've filed complaints with the BBB and my State's Attorney General's Office. I am looking for other avenues to file a complaint. Until enough of us stand up and fight back companies will continue to engage in unconscionable , immoral and unethical behaviors simply because they know they will get away with it.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Whitepages Public Record.

Reason of review: White Pages is endangering my life along with my family..

Preferred solution: I request that ALL of my information be removed from White Pages website. .

Whitepages Cons: White pages was dishonest, Corrupt business practices, Unethical, White pages lied to me as well as to the public, Has false and misleading information online.

  • Whitepages Wrong Information
  • Victim
  • Misleading Advertising
  • Unethical And Dishonest
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