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Can you imagine someone search for your phone number and having a derogatory racial slur posted as the meaning of your name ? It happened to me.

Whitepages names used racial slur for the meaning of my surname Izzo, saying it was a nickname from Sicilian izzu ‘slv..’ or directly from Latin aegyptius ‘Egyptian’, or from the same word in the sense ‘dark-skinned’. That isn't true very few Izzos live in Sicily, most live in Naples. The posted meaning is offensive and derogatory, there isn't a Sicilian word izzu, it's an Arabic name and means honor as in Mu izzu - the honorer. but that isn't the meaning of my surname.

Izzo is a varaition f either Ezzo, Rizzo or Obizzo. I asked them to remove the offensive and untrue meaning for the surname IZZO from the Whitepages name meaning section and nothing was done.

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of whitepages people search from Whitepages and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Whitepages to "whitpages names remove the racial slur meaning for the surname izzo".

The most disappointing in user's experience was names meanings posted. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Did you get any results from them?

File a complaint with the BBB in Washington state. Also file a complaint with the Attorney General in Washington state.

Also, a complaint with the FTC. Then we will all start a class action lawsuit.

to Anonymous Manlius, New York, United States #1041121

Thanks for the advice. They contacted me and the Whitepages apparently doesn't care what is posted in their NAMES meaning add on - why does the Whitepages want people who are searching for other people's phone number to know what the 2003 Dictionary of American Family Names by Oxford University Press UK thinks the meaning of that name means ?

They said I should contact Oxford Press and I did and given no historical references.

It seems political ..I wrote both of these groups and informed them several people named Izzo in Italy are government prosecutors there and since the family names Rizzo, Aizzo, Erizzo and Obizzo have a completely different meaning given for Izzo, something is going on here. I recently found a 1551 document about a Ezzo king of Corsica and Gallaria, related to Azzone and Ezzelino of Rome.

to Anonymous #1057954

I have filed complaints with the FTC, as well as The Attorney GeWrite to them at their FIVE MILLION DOLLAR (7,300 Square Foot) mansion, that was paid for with all of our unauthorized published information that they sold!


Alex Algard & Susie Kang Algard

1220 7th Avenue West

Seattle, Washington 98119neral in both Washington, & my home state. A HUGE CLASS ACTION SUIT IS IN ORDER!!!

to Anonymous #1060961

Write a "review" on glassdoor as a current or former employee or any of the other rating websites so people don't want to go to work there

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