Sherwood, Ohio
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I want my info off google and cant get any help. I want it off now it keeps sayin wrong password and then it send email to reset i want my info off NOW! shelley ulch

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I want this off Google now! What's wrong with you people.

You put stuff on Google that's not even correct. Take it off now!


I want to be contacted by phone about the Shelley ulch Shelley Faulkner in Sherwood Ohio, before u put that info out there make sure it's correct, because it's not.....I want it off now NOW NOW NOW VERY PISSED OFF! I will take legal action If I'm not contacted and this is not removed!

I've had many problems because of this, u shouldn't put *** out there especially if not true or without permission! Take it off


Now it say I'm putting in the wrong code but I put in exactly what is shown I want my info off now. Its a shame what u have to go through to get it taken off., number was unlisted anyways and now I had to pay to get it changed. I want my address and name off whitepages, very passed off person Now