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A while ago my family members and I had our info removed from Recently I found out that our info was available in Whitepages Premium. This is so UNETHICAL!!! If a company has removed our info, why is it now being sold?

I sent an email to:

Our info was later removed.

Never assume that just because your info has been removed previously from these kinds of sites that it won't show up again. You need to be extremely vigilant and check periodically. NEVER be lax when it comes to the personal info of yourself and those you care about!

I wish Congress would pass laws that completely prevent these kinds of sites from displaying personal info.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Im having the same problem. I keep removing my info which includes my address, and phone numbers.

But then I check months down the road, and its back up there for the word to see. I moved to another state to start a new life with my children afyer gettong out of an abusive relationship and now have to constantly watch my back so that he doesn't show up at my door.

Its ridiculous. I don't want my info published!


I noticed every time I type the url for whitepages and search for myself, Premium keeps returning the results - I can't even get to the "Whitepages" version without premium popping up, and you have to email them to get them to remove it. This is a serious safety issue for many and ridiculous not to mention the info they post for employers to see is inaccurate! When will the system change?


I just noticed that Whitepages did the same thing to me. I had opted out of information on their website and they now list my information as 'Premium' and has it highlighted at the top of their site with the optout button removed.

I just filed a complaint with my State's Attorney General's Office as well as the BBB. It is very dishonest for Whitepages to operate like this.

Thank you for putting their email. I will contact them through the email as well.


I spent 2 days removing my info from online. Just to find it back.

Plus with more personal info listed. Yes, I believe the info they require you to give them when you opt out is saved and shared. It's awful. It hurts more law abiding citizens and helps the criminals.

Easy for someone to steal your identity. And a map to my home! How horrible!

I'm a single woman. This needs to stop!


Yes, I totally agree that. It happened to same thing.

I deleted my site before and now Whitepage is selling as premium service. I also hope the congress pass the law.


The worst thing that white pages does is try to force you to subscribe to their website, and then have you try to remove it. Noone gave them permission to list my information.

This has placed my famiy and myself in jeapordy.


I mailed them the form with a copy of my photo ID as requested (with my photo and ID# blocked out). A month later, my information is still on their site.

I feel fairly certain that they request the ID in order to add to the information that they already have.

I have written to my congressman on this topic. I hope they will do something to protect privacy, especially victims of domestic abuse.


I know! I just saw my info on there after it was deleted from the whitepages site awhile back.

This is so shady of them, wish they could be slapped with a lawsuit. I'm sure there's a way.

I'm going to try to email them to have it removed but apparently there's a form and they want you to photocopy your id and send to them in order to remove. It's ridiculous!!



I agree. I spent hours and hours trying to go through the dozens of sites displaying and selling our personal information, filling out opt out forms, sending emails, just jumping through all of the hoops, and I've barely made a dent in my family's search results!

It's really terrible that we are subjected to this treatment, we are made very vulnerable by these companies.

Same here by the way, removed our listings and they have just popped up as WP Premium listings! Despicable!