New York, New York

Please remove my telephone number and address from your list because you have the wrong name associated with it, Eugene W. Williams is not my name, I do not know any of the people that you have associated with this name.

My name is Eugene Williams,I do live at 135 Hawthorne street Brooklyn New York 11225. This Eugene W. Williams owes a lot of money to a lot of people and the people you have associated with this Eugene W. Williams owes a lots of money too.

I have been getting calls early in the morning and late in the night and on the weekends and tons of mail put into my mail box. I am asking you please to remove this person from my life because of this Eugene W. Williams my life has been a living ***. This is the name you have on your list ( Eugene W.

Williams, 135 Hawthorne street, Brooklyn New York, 11225, all the information is incorrect) please wipe this information clear. You have no right to put this kind of information out without notifying the person first.

I hope we can work this problem out like good people. Thank You

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